Founded following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, BonaResponds (BR) is committed to disaster response and community improvement.  BR completed 9 relief trips to the Gulf Coast since their founding.  The group helped residents of Buffalo get back on their feet following the "October Surprise" storm and residents of Gowanda following last fall's flood.  When BR is not on a relief trip, the group hosts local service days, including an annual Buffalo Service Day, which will be joined this year by service days across the U.S. and the world for an International Service day

Haiti Projects
BR is currently raising money to provide relief and recovery to Haiti.  One project, a food packaging event through the Food for Haiti Now initiative, aims to feed over 200,000 Haitians!  BR is also conducting an ongoing crutches drive for the injured and a tent drive to provide shelter to those who were left without following the earthquake.

Get Involved
Many groups of volunteers, collectively called the Food for Haiti Now initiative, are joining BR to make the food packaging event a reality.  The Haiti Relief 5k Run and Walk is just one of many fundraisers being conducted to reach the goal!  If you have a fundraising idea and would like the proceeds to benefit the Food for Haiti Now initiative, let BonaResponds know